Café Zimmermann - a poor balance 

Café ZImmermann: two concerts in Lisbon at Gulbenkian Foundation, two disasters. A live performance of Bach concerts is completely out of limits of this poor ensemble. Pablo Valetti is a kind of joke as violinist, no sense of tuning, no sense of the music, trying hard to play the notes, with no time to conduct or play the nuances, plays vibrato trying to hide the bad tone intonation of his violin (what a shame that violin in so poor hands)...
David Plantier as no sound at all, a real misery missing attacks and even giving up at the difficulties, his solo in piccolo violin was unbelievably bad in terms of tone quality and in sheer technical terms like tuning and fingering. Céline Frisch as no notion of rhythm, her solo in Brandenburg 5 was a kind of old train, running and slowing down accordingly to the hills and valleys of the path.
The rest is a bunch of mistakes and a soup of notes. The tutti in the strings was another shame, a mess, with no transparency and no colour. They play what they want avoiding the problematic notes just stopping to play in the most difficult points, hiding in the general mess! The horns didn't bother to finish the phrases in legato as written (with very difficult jumps in thirds and fifths!) and the entries where erratic. The first cello was always out of tune and the second used the vibrato like Madame Florence Foster Jenkins. The violas are so bad that is almost impossible to have words to characterize their performance...
The "trumpeter" was a cheater, technically very poor and making hundreds of musical mistakes, no 2 was completely out of his, less than average, range.
The oboes and fagotto where slightly better.
What a fraud...

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