To Music 

E como hoje há um belíssimo concerto na Sociedade de Geografia a partir das 21h00 para o qual desafiamos os nossos leitores aqui fica um aceno

To Music

O blessed art, how often in dark hours,
When the savage ring of life tightens round me,
Have you kindled warm love in my heart,
Have transported me to a better world!

Often a sigh has escaped from your harp,
A sweet, sacred harmony of yours
Has opened up the heavens to better times for me.
O blessed art, I thank you for that!

Poema An die Musik de Franz von Schober (1796 – 1882), traduzido por William Mann ( 1985)
e adaptado por Franz Schubert no Lied homónimo D 547 de 1817



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