Today or tomorrow I will write to someone I consider to be my Guardian Angels' latest act up on my life. He is a painter, no, he is not a painter as he says, he is a scientist who happens to have found out he can paint, and beautifully I may add. I was having dinner with two friends and there were two gentlemen on the table next to ours. I noticed that one of them looked often to our table… I tried to ignore thinking it might be someone catching up on our conversation because some of the names and places were perhaps familiar. Suddenly he stood up and addressed me asking to paint my face. "Obviously" I said no and keep insisting on "no" although his insistence and attempts to explain there was not anything "dirty" or pornographic about it. Finally after a kick in my harm from my friend who at the same time whispered "say yes, do it, we will take you there tomorrow", I said yes. He gave me his card and explained the work he is involved in now, a painting exhibition on women and he wants my face to be part of it. There could not be anything better for a woman's confidence than this but I immediately started wondered what kind of painter he might be letting my imagination fly among various stiles of painters ending up smiling at the idea he might now be in a Picasso hatred of women stage and distorting my traces. My friends tell me he is a renowned painter and show me, the following day before going to his place, an article in a magazine where I have the first contact with his art. Wonderful surreal paintings! And then I get anxious to our meeting that afternoon. He is not only a marvellous gifted man for painting, he is a poet, a philosopher, with an exquisite sense of humour, a scientist, plays the guitar, an ex-parachuter and has a shown appreciation for the opposite sex to which he has decided to dedicate his time and talent. I want to know this man better, selfish tough it may seam I would take any opportunity to speak to him, to listen to him, to absorb his knowledge and experiences. He seams to be free, free from labels and prejudice, free from dependency on other human beings, free from relationships and yet, at the same time, to appreciate them greatly. He is an observer and an actor in the sense he does not stop developing.
After our photo section (due to lack of time for I was leaving the country the next morning he has taken some pictures my face) my friends and I left. I went for a walk and sat on the balcony of a restaurant drinking a beer and thing of calling him asking if he had plans for dinner. I regret not to have done so.
Instead I walked up to my hotel driven by the sound of a live concert in front of it. It was the first day of a series of cultural events which were taking place in town for the second year round. So I went up the stairs and found myself listening to the music and having another beer. It was a good end of the afternoon.

S. Saraiva


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